5 Ways to Market Your Business Online

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With the advent of technology, small businesses need to cope with the demands of a powerful, vast emerging market - the online market.

I have listed below 5 online marketing channels which businesses need to tap in order to mark a place on the online space.

1. Create a website - There are so many ways to create a website currently. The more expensive option, or perhaps what people say, the more professional option is to have a customized website. The cheaper alternative is to create a blog - blogger.com, wordpress.com are examples of free blog service providers.
2. Create a Facebook page - www.facebook.com is the world's biggest social networking site.
3. Youtube - create a video showing products and services that you provide. Tools like picasa and powerpoint may be used to create a decent video.
4. Twitter - micro blogging provider, Twitter is very common these days as it is very much used in mobile/cellphone marketing. www.twitter.com
5. Email Marketing - if you have a mailing list of people who share a need for your products and services, email marketing is one of the most effective online marketing strategies. You have to familiarize yourself some rules and email conduct so as not to be labelled a spammer.